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Ambylopia (Lazy Eye), is an eye which has seeing deficiency even if glasses or contact lenses are used. This condition develops in early childhood and the structure of the eye may seem normal. Common causes of ambylopia in childhood are, strabismus (cross eye) and anisometropia (eye lenses having different fraction strenght, which means one of the eyes are highly myopic (near sighted) or hypermetropic (far sighted) compared to other one.

Reasons of ambylopia are:

  • Strabismus (cross eye): If each eye looks in different ways, they send two diffrent images to the brain and that causes double seeing. In children the brain inhibits this phenomenom by repressing the image coming from one of the eyes and provides seeing with just one eye. Ambylopia begins to develop in the repressed eye.
  • Fraction errors: If one of the eyes sees far blurred than the other due to fraction errors, the less seeing eye becomes amblyopic. It is hard to determine because there is no visible problem on the eye.
  • Other illnesses of eye: Illnesses closing the visual axis can be considered under this topic. These illnesses are related with the refractile segments of the eye like cornea, iris, lens and vitreus being opaque or in malpositions. Treatment for ambylopia must be done in first 6 years of life, treatments after the age of 10 are not useful. The earlier the treatment started, the more success in result is gained.

Treatment methods

In treatment of strabismus (cross eye), surgical treatment can be applied if needed. But surgery on its own is not sufficient. Using glasses and unilateral eye closure treatments should be continued after the surgery. Unilateral eye closure treatment is not a favourable method in any age. It should be performed like a game as in using glasses. Using special closure bandages in this treatment is the best way to do. If the closure is done over the eyeglasses, the kid will tend to look over or look from the sides of the closure, because his/her open eye sees less. Near sight exercises must be done with closure treatment. Activities like drawing or painting supplies visiual stimulus and keeps the child occupied at the same time. Necessity of glasses is not the only cause of ambylopia. It may occur if not enough stimulus reaches the visial center in brain from the effected side, as in congenital cataracts, droopy eyelid and corneal stain. By treating  these “organic named” conditions in the right time with surgery, amblyopia can be prevented.

NeuroVision treatment

Before age of 9, the most successful treatment in ambylopia is closing the healty eye and forcing the lazy eye to work. After 9 years old, there is no treatment method for ambylopia except NeuroVision treatment.

It is a new treatment procedure in ambylopia which aims to increase the seeing function of the lazy eye. It is a personal method working through learning by sensing principle. No surgery or medication is used in this technique.

NeuroVision educates our brain to see more sharper. (just like computer programes bringing up low definition digital images to a better condition.)

NeuroVision treatment for ambylopia is a riskless and non-surgical way of treatment, it’s effectiveness is proven by clinical trials. It is the only FDA (Food and Drug Adminstration) approved technique in treatment of ambylopia in adults for today. This technology, enchances the brain cells responsible for visual processes (primal visual center) by special and delicate visual stimulations. This efficient stimuluses, increase the visual processes in brain and enchances the quality and sharpness of vision.

NeuroVision treatment will enchance visual acuity and sensitivity of contrast significantly and improve the visual quality of the lazy eye.

NeuroVision is suitable for the conditions listed below, for patients between 9-55 years

  • Ambylopia (lazy eye)
  • Low degree myopia
  • Early presbyopia (patients between 40-55 years who has deficieny in nearsight lately)

A special CD package program is given to the patient considered suitable for NeuroVision  treatment. The treatment consists of about 30-40 session. The sessions are performed every other day. A session takes about 30-40 minutes. The first session is performed by the ophtalmologist at the clinic. Rest of the sessions can be done at home or at work if possible. The procedure is performed in a darkened quite room, 1,5 metres away from the computer screen. After one or two sessions systems prepares private tasks for the patient. The performance of the patients shown at the sessions can be monitored by the doctor. With regular sessions and doctor controls the result axpected from the treatment can be achived in 3 months.

  • It is a non-surgical, no-medicine way of treatment.
  • There are no risks or unwanted effects for the patient.
  • It’s effect is proven and FDA approved.
  • The procedure is easy, can be done at home or at work.

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