About Us

In giving service and findinf solutions in Ophtalmology, EGM has started a new era in the area. EGM is a preferred eye care center in Eskişehir and all area with its principles and ethic health service, experienced team consists of well known professors and specialists of Eskişehir end Turkey, the high technology the use, and well educated and genial employees.

Our center has ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 10002: 2018, ISO 27001: 2013 quality certificates.


With the studies in Health Tourism, it is beeing known better and better day by day abroad.

Our center is establihed on 1000 m2 ground and has;

  • Paintings in oil paint, watercolor paint and pastel techique of orld famous artist Fikri Cantürk who is father of Etihan CANTÜRK, M.D. and Etihan CANTÜRK’s mother’s and daughter’s paintings
  • 160 m2 waiting lounge bedecked with air conditioning, central music system and oportunity of visual presentation
  • 5 (five) modern ophtalmology polyclinic rooms
  • Surgery and Excimer Laser Units equipped with modern devices settled on a whole storey
  • Examination rooms bedecked with modern equipments
  • Contact len unit
  • Emergency room
  • Full equiped observation room
  • Elevators for normal use and strechers
  • Private parking area

Our establishment has embraced high quality of service and has embodied all the systems for maintaining your comfort and safety

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