Medical Staff

She has graduated from Ege University School of Medicine in 1965. Between 1965-1968, she has completed her residency in Hacettepe University School of Medicine. Between 1972- 1978 she had worked in Bristol Universty Hospital Clinical Research Depertment in England. In 1798 she returned to Turkey and founded Osmangazi University (formerly known Anadolu Univesty) School of Medicine Ophtalmology Department and earned Associate Professorship in the same year. She earned the title of professorship in (1986?). Until she retired in 2007, she has contributed Turkish Ophtalmology with many scientifics studies of her and educated many specialist doctors. Some of her students became associate professors or professors. Etihan CANTÜRK, M.D. is one of her students. In 2009 she has accepted the request of Etihan CANTÜRK M.D. and started to work in Eskişehir Private Eyecare Center.

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